Investment Opportunities

Our firm offers a vast variety of investment opportunities, ranging from our leads on rounds to simple investment finding and alignment. Our investment practice engages in seed rounds, series rounds, and Venture Capital rounds. Our in-depth management knowledge of companies and our extensive operating experience and expertise enables our organization to cohesively and comprehensively implement Investment Advisory & Management. We find it essential to work intimately amongst our financiers to discover what their specific strategic needs are throughout the term of the engagement. Our quantitative analytics practice serves as an impetus to analyzing the proper trends, patterns, and indicators for proper strategic decision making. Our expert staff understands the flow of the overall market economy, which makes our ability to offer our clients better opportunities with their investors. We ensure that we always maintain a high capacity portfolio with diverse an effective options, so that financiers have more mobility and agility when working with our company.

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Integrated Investment

Our in-depth management knowledge of companies and our extensive operating experience and expertise enables our company’s offering of Integrated Investment services to add an unparalleled amount of value on our clients and partners’ behalves. Our Integrated Investment offering thrives on the Strategic Advisory, Development, Management, and the Brokerage of products and companies, but we excel through the ability to leverage Investment in conjunction with these services to provide financing options that are more dynamic and accessible to our clients and partners. Groundbreaking and cutting-edge, emerging products/companies are contingent upon development proficiency in correspondence with unrivaled innovation. In our approach, we ensure that we hedge our decisions wisely by selecting products and companies that can enter the market to captivate and generate considerable shares in segments of the markets. We accomplish this by finding companies on the basis of the needs of the market through an understanding of the market. See how you can join us today!

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Startup & Venture Solutions

Our ability to understand the trajectory and endgame for products/companies allows us to determine the direction of the needs required by the client or partner, which makes it possible for our company to adjust advisory strategies for startups, which is typically an approach that does not exist until later rounds. We prep products/companies for future rounds introspectively. We utilize dynamic strategies that mutually benefit the product/company and financier. We offer our key insights throughout the process. We utilize cost-efficient resources to manage initial developments before and during financing rounds. We ensure that we always maintain a high capacity portfolio with diverse an effective options for the sake of mobility and agility when working with our company.    

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Product & Company Development

Our company strives to make its clients and partners happy through a variety of development tactics. Our development solution is composed of Strategic Advisory, Development, Management, and the Brokerage of products and companies to ensure that we can help buyers of our services excel in the building of their body of work. We offer developments that range from the concept development of an idea, to the development of a fully scaled project. We develop from prototypes and products, as well as inject each solution with the proper plans, strategies, models, tools, resources, tech essentials, marketing essentials, and investment documentation necessary for full functionality.

Dreamworx Development also provides basic IT and Professional services for clients who want to enhance the status of their business climate through amplified serviceability. We utilize several computer programming skills, languages, and techniques, as well as professional consulting tactics, management implementation practices, and advisory! Through this practice we are also able to provide basic services in mobile and web application development to clients. Our technological development services are pristine and tantamount, and our large portfolio of significant and successful clients provides proof of our prowess. Our solutions are high quality, and are customized to fit your budget and every need.    

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How It All Works

Find out what makes our projects such hits!
Our system allows for high quality production on all levels of our operation.

Startup Ventures

Our comprehensive "Service Selection" process will have your company up and running in no time!

Strategy & Positioning

Determine the best suitable strategy for your company, so that your company can precisely position itself within the market economy!

Basic Services

Fulfill your basic service needs with our comprehensive development team!

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Seeking Employment? Ready to merge? Want to get acquired? Consider joining our team, and inquire more today by contacting us!

Small & Medium Business Development

Not all companies we work with are startups, and non-startups require a different set of approaches and methodologies. Our approach to small and medium companies that are well-established ensures that companies can thrive, while still being open to limitless opportunities.

Share in our comprehensive developments, managements, and investments!

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Getting To Know Us...

Our team and staff are highly trained, working year around to develop some of the best and brightest innovations. Find out how we do it, and why we love to make our customers and clients so happy!

Sharing A Vision

Our team, staff, customers, and clients take pride in sharing a vision. By doing this, as a team and staff, we can collaborate effectively and efficiently. This also works well with our customers, as it takes vision to implement some of the best and brightest IT and IS ideas on behalf of our clients.

As a development group, management group, and innovation provider, we can allow access to different tools and resources from several ends of several spectrums for the sake of our clients. Dreamworx is a subsidiary and derivative of Diversified Technologies, LLC, a multi-million dollar company that has been providing IT and IS services for over 12 years. After offering qualified business solutions to several large companies such as Sunny Delight, T. Marzetti, AT&T, Northrop Grumman, and ThermoScientific, and after providing a variety of individual, small business, and private project solutions, we decided to open Dreamworx Development. At Dreamworx, we aim to implement a variety of solutions, whether you seek to buy, startup, or simply be involved in independent project solutions. Dreamworx aims to allow any and all customers to make their dreams become a reality. Make your dream a reality today, and get your independent project up and running!

FAQ Response

Our firm offers solutions of all different shapes and sizes, and we have been executing these projects for several years. Our customizable and client friendly options make us the right choice!
One of the benefits of working with our organization is our dynamic approach to investment. Because of how our firm is structured we have no minimum investment qualifications, nor do we have price caps. Our firm has had the pleasure of handling companies with investments in the range of $50K all the way up to $50M!
We are currently catered to providing solutions to growth markets, as the majority of our products and companies are in the technology industry. However, we have companies in our portfolio that practice in the Currency, Government Tech, and Media Communications industries. We stand by our conviction in tech-enabled services, and have an open door to all industries!

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Our Services

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Concept Development

Establish a comprehensive business plan, proposal, and strategy by allowing us to execute your business layout.

Prototype Development

Give your concept more depth with 3-D models, proof of concept, and product testing to bring your concept to life. Find out how it works.

Product Development

Incorporate logistics, manufacturing, and supplying into your company to take your prototype to the next level.

Platform Development

Utilize marketing at its finest by allowing us to develop a platform around your development. Your idea is worth it! See Why now!

Full-Scale Development

Utilize the culmination of our services by our team to get your product directly to market from concept to finish. Find out how today!

Portfolio Development

Developing a line of products couldn't be easier with our expedited implementation, or integration for existing portfolios & programs!

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